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Fist of War German WWII E75 flak 40 ZWILLING panzer

Manufacturer: Modelcollect
SKU: UA72117
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nice addition with major flaws
ive built a few armored core kits and a few ww2 tanks and aircraft, and a few ww2 mechs, counting this one, to say what im comparing this kit to.

the knee joints do not function at all without light sanding to the male ends. this is true across almost all moving parts on the kit. the secondary turret cannot rotate without incredible force because the male end is just a little too big. requires incredible sanding to work which was not mentioned anywhere in the kit.
the legs are very simple as is the chassis, which makes the incredibly detailed flak gun look out of place.
the hip joints are VERY stiff and could probably use sanding to function better.
there are many other minor complaints, but the kit is 20$, so it isn't really a waste of money if you like mechs and want a decent ww2 theme.

CHEAP, you cant go wrong with 20$, but 15$ would've felt much more satisfying as a buy considering all the problems.
there aren't many walker/mech kits out there that have more than two legs, so hooray for quad walker
the flak cannon has easily the most detail ive ever seen packed into such a small area. this is good if you can deal with the fact that it is somewhat hard to construct.
some pieces came broken, but this did not affect any of the moving parts or functions at all, so easy fix, but it was a pain to fix the parts
final verdict:
for 20$ you get what you paid for, but the fact that most of the moving parts do not function at all(the legs) or do but could use some improvement make it feel like it isn't really worth it.
the flak gun looks out of place because it is so packed with detail, this makes the rest of the kit look incredibly simple.
again, if you have 20$ in your pocket and want a neat ww2 mech in your arsenal, buy one and see for yourself. im happy with it, but I doubt ill be buying more than one more. my other fist of war kit(wotan) blows this one out of the water, and i will definitely be buying several more of them, which Ive made a review for as well.
From: Sid | Date: 11/8/2018 8:52 AM
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