Modelcollect's new release on 2019.Nov

  This is the model brand Modelcollect from China, we are formed in 2012, start focused on the 1/72 small scale military vehicle die-cast models and kits. and now we are making other bigger kits and models too.
 UA35015 1/35 German Middle Tank E-50 mit 10.5cm L/52 “Panther III Ausf.F”
 UA35016 1/35 German heavy tank WWII E-75 mit 12.8cm L/55 "tiger III Ausf.E"
 UA72308 1/72 Fist of War Series German P300/4 PanzerKampfWagen und Träger Heavy Anti-Air ver
 AS72147 1/72 S-300 (SA-10 Grumble) Missile launcher,5P85S/SD
 AS72155 1/72 Russian Main battle tank T-80UE-1, 2000s
 AS72156 1/72 Russian Main battle tank T-80UA, 2000s